The New Face of Smiling - 12"

The New Face of Smiling

Carpark Records


The New Face of Smiling 12"


In 2002, we called it Nu-Indie. That pissed people off (who knew). At the time, New Zealand ’s Bevan Smith successfully married the digital and analog worlds with SIGNER'S Low Light Dreams. Now the honeymoon is over and this couple is in it for the long haul. No longer are the two distinct; they have become one.

Bevan spent some time listening to his favorite indie slow-jams (JOY DIVISION, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, Laughingstock-era TALK TALK and decided he should make the first proper fuzzed-out pop gem of the 21st century. SIGNER’S The New Face of Smiling chews on all of Bevans experience in indie bands and electronica and spits them back out into something brand new yet somehow familiar. Those with a sense of humor can call it “Nu-Gazing.”


    1. Low Light Sleep
    2. Hurricane Or Sunshine?
    3. I Was Dressed As The Ant, You Dressed Up As A Beehive
    4. Machines At Low Tide
    5. Frozen Cut Grass
    6. You're Killing Us Helen
    7. That Sinking Feeling As Key Metal Hits Thigh Flesh
    8. Komputa Ga Bukowarera
    9. The Overwhelming Power Of Friendship
    10. Your Ears Across The Fences

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