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Crazy Yes Dumb No - 12"

Crazy Yes Dumb No

Flying Nun

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Crazy Yes Dumb No 12"

The Mint Chicks

An experimental noise rock/punk/emo group fro Auckland, New Zealand. They are known for mixing pop hooks and structures with with elements of noise rock and experimental music and for their exciting live performances.

Formed in 2001, the band began by playing puck house parties and low-profile shows before being discovered by highly-acclaimed New Zealand independent record label, Flying Nun Records. Two EPs and two albums later, the band found their stride with their latest record, Crazy Yes! Dumb No! released by the label in New Zealand in 2006.

The band has shared stages in NZ and abroad with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The White Stripes, Death From Above, TV on the Radio, Blood Brothers, and the Black Lips, among others. At the 2007 New Zealand Music Awards, the band won five Tui awards (the New Zealand Grammy equivalent) including best rock group, best album, and best rock album, as wel as winning best album cover and best music video for the single Crazy Yes! Dumb No!


    1. Ockham's Razor
    2. This Is Your Last Chance To Be Famous My Love
    3. Welcome To Nowhere
    4. You're Just As Confused As I Am
    5. Walking Off A Cliff Again
    6. Don't Turn Me On Just To Turn On Me
    7. Funeral Day
    8. Real Friends
    9. She's Back On Crack
    10. Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!
    11. If My Arm Was A Mic Stand, Would You Hold My Hand?
    12. Sleeping During The Day
    13. Ammie
    14. 100 Minutes Of Silence

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