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Shocking Pinks - 12"

Shocking Pinks


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Shocking Pinks 12"

Shocking Pinks

This is a record packed with hazy melodies, lo-fi drones and beats, and contains some of the most heartbreakingly melodic and melancholic songs, as well as some of the moodiest and difficult (but ultimately rewarding) sounds you'll hear all year.


    1. Wake Up
    2. This Aching Deal
    3. How Am I Not Myself?
    4. Second Hand Girl
    5. End of the World
    6. The Narrator
    7. Yes! No!
    8. Emily
    9. Blonde Haired Girl
    10. Victims
    11. Girl on the Northern Line
    12. I Want U Back
    13. Smokescreen
    14. Jealousy
    15. Cutout
    16. 23
    17. You Can Make Me Feel Bad - Shocking Pinks, Russell, Arthur

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