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MPLS Ltd Super Split Single 7 - 7"

MPLS Ltd Super Split Single 7

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MPLS Ltd Super Split Single 7 7"

Insert Name Here

The 7th instalment in Minneapolis, USA based label MPLS Ltd’s Super Split Singles series. Each single pairs up a local Minneapolis based group/artist with a group/artist from some distant corner of the globe. On this, the seventh and final single in the series Insert Name Here from Wellington, NZ happily make up the ‘other corner of the globe’ contingent while on the other side Self Sound Orchestra represents Minneapolis.

Side A contains ‘A year without Christmas’ by Insert Name Here, one of their most sombre and gloomy efforts to date while over on side B is ‘Before I Go Under’ by Self Sound Orchestra, a spacious and slightly warped instrumental. The number of these to reach New Zealand shores is very, very limited so don’t miss out.

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