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Noises MP3

White On White

White On White is the amalgamation from Name:Uglyman series where structure has been applied to an otherwise free form noise project.A process of guitar rich free noise, captured, computerized, edited and formatted.

White On White is the project of Daryl Fincham who’s name you might recognize from his work in the now defunct Meterman (vocals /guitar), Test Erratic/Lines (vocals /guitar), and noise project Name:Uglyman. (guitar/piano). This project started in 1999 following the Name:Uglyman 8” [ETCH 001] release.Daryl has been experimenting with tonal qualities for nearly ten years with various audio experiments and has shared the live stage with some notable players including Damo Suzuki on his 2004 Never Ending NZ tour.
Coming across like The For Carnation car crashed with a Mike Morley (Dead C) headache, this music joins an already well established NZ and International family of structured noise merchants Bailter Space, HDU, Jakob, Barnards Star, Gate. This is the full length, debut album ‘Noises’ offering 11 tracks or swirling guitar rich minimal arrangements.
recorded between 1999 and 2006
engineered + mixed by daryl fincham
mastered by barton at slowburning [akl]

Secretly being pushed by Etch Recordings.


    [side a]
    force feedback
    eric chahi
    not numbered
    beta dance
    3 past
    planes like these

    [side b]
    model worker
    relay tower
    de futura
    chaos control

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Bitrate: 160kbps
Total Length: 50:00
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