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To The Rescue - 7"

To The Rescue

Sarang Bang Records


To The Rescue 7"


I love the presentation of this, Auckland band Superturtle have released their album on CD with a 7" vinyl single. A really nice touch that backs up the band's analogue efforts to stay true to their craft of old-school recording and writing. Superturtle's debut album and vinyl single grew from a solo project by sound engineer Darren McShane.

The lead singer and songwriter also brings with him a pedigree of playing bass in Flying Nun group Chainsaw Masochist as well as working as a bfM DJ. His instinct for a pop hook recalls the funk-soul work of The Netherworld dancing Toys one minute , references The Tokey Tones, Brunettes and Ryan McPhun-styled retro pop at other times and the buzz/fuzz alt-rock of contemporary acts like White Swan Black Swan.

I really enjoyed this album, cool songs and the arrangements feature sharp horns and choirs of voices.Lovely stuff.

review by Simon Sweetman

NZ Musician Aug/Sep 2008

Bonus CD ( enclosed in vinyl gatefold sleeve )

Never Came Back

The Whole Night Through

Cash that Cheque

All Our Friends


Lifes A Dream

Happiest Girl

I Got Stoned

Free Ride



    A All Our Friends
    B Never Came Back

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