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Ghost Crash - 12"

Ghost Crash

Fight, Cave or Hole


Ghost Crash 12"


Frayden, zen like monster pop three piece formally from Wanganui, now firmly embraced by Auckland. Notable for zappa squeezed moments of individuality and once described as the most alternative band in the country.

Recorded by Bob Frisbee, ‘Ghost Crash’ is essential listening on vinyl, perfectly capturing the flying dagger appeal of live Frayden, and is stunningly packaged with art by the band that simply hums on the twelve-inch sleeve format.

For fans of Sonic Youth, Melvins etc.


    Side one
    1. Wild Things
    2. I Live On The Moon
    3. Monster
    4. Ghost Crash
    5. How The Dead Live
    6. Wholesale Slaughter

    Side Two

    1. Make Hollow By Digging
    2. Legion Of Ants
    3. Ef Club
    4. Blank
    5. Drift
    6. Finalist
    7. Burning First Love

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