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Home Baking - 12"

Home Baking

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Home Baking 12"


Onanonís second album is a furious myriad of catchy schizoid pop and dark, ruinous rock. Reminiscent of The Clean and the 3Ds with a touch of Bailterspaceís transcendant sonics.
Pressed in black vinyl in a limited, numbered edition of 200, each LP also comes with the complete album on CD, featuring different artwork.


    Side A
    01- I Donít Know Whatís Come Over Me
    02- Going, Going, Gone
    03- Seacliff
    04- Angry Monkey
    05- Angels Are Leaving
    06- Fluffy White Clouds
    07- Lammerlaw

    Side B
    08- Now You Are Nothing
    09- Strawberry Feel Up
    10- Tooth Fairy
    11- Black Current
    12-Nice Planet
    13- Neverending Story
    14- Ghostie
    15- (Bonus Track) Possibilities (Beaded Curtain Mix by the Enchanted Jockstrap)

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