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Dinosauruxia / Moron Says What Split Ep - 7"

Dinosauruxia / Moron Says What Split Ep

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Dinosauruxia / Moron Says What Split Ep 7"

Moron Says What

Norwegian record label Envex Records has just released a new split 7″ featuring Finnish band Dinosauruxia and New Zealand’s Moron Says What!. 

Dinosauruxia’s ‘Sky (Time Is Unfolding)’ features on the 7″ record, along with their song ‘Ecstasy Braincells’. Moron Says What! has two new songs on the record,  ‘Don’t Know How To Fight’ and another lively slice of teen riddled echo boomer pop titled ‘Homage To Beyonce’. There’s also a slightly older track titled ‘Sleep’, which featured on MSW’s debut Pop-Up EP released in 2009.
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