I Write Witty Slogans for T-Shirts - 7"

I Write Witty Slogans for T-Shirts

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I Write Witty Slogans for T-Shirts 7"

god bows to math

3-piece Auckland band god bows to math took their name from a Minutemen
song and share a passion for the DIY aesthetic proposed by the esteemed
SST band. They don’t like the Rock FM too much, or crack. god bows to math
don’t really like many things. They do like playing rad tunes and drinking
lots of beer.

Extremely limited 7″ featuring brand new track “‘I Write Witty
Slogans for T-Shirts”. The vinyl will be numbered and each one comes with
a unique download code to get MP3 versions of the tracks as well as a
bonus track.

One-of-a-kind lathe cutrecords pressed by the legendary Peter King.


    Side A:
    I Write Witty Slogans for T-Shirts
    Hands Accross Yr Mum

    Side B:
    How to beat Your Dad at Chess
    NZ Post

    Bonus digital track
    Danny Says (Ramones Cover)

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