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Pala - 12"


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Pala 12"

Sam Hamilton

This 3rd full-length album out only on vinyl w/digital download by New Zealand’s Sam Hamilton (just back from a 41 show tour of the US and Australia) on Tumblingstrain featuring 8 tracks (w/ bonus digital MP3’s & a video) resonates forth with psychic alchemical dance rituals, fucked modern pop, magic booty bass voodoo, ecstatic tonalism trance’s and vibed-out fun-core spirit sensoriums for your spirit animals to spazz out to at the mystic disco.
Influenced equally by having spend months recording animal sounds in the Amazon jungles of South America as it is from the trance inducing pulsations of urban music throughout the 20th century, experimental music, and bass saturated nocturnal party environments. This record sits ambiguously in the junction between the familiar and the far-out mystically fucked realms of otherness.

From pretentious mind expanding sonic spectralism to meaningless freak-out free joy buzz. From the first musical wailing screeches of our primitive ancestors to the 'nxt-lvl' leaps in musical evolution, amidst the Forest and the City, between the interior & exterior world's, between the borders of one mind, and the borders everyone else’s.

“PALA” is a reference to fictional utopian island of Alduous Huxley’s novel “Island”.


    SIDE A:

    1. Cities, Plants and People
    2. Alumbra Tides
    3. Dodecahedron Ecologies
    4. Pine Cone Jam

    SIDE B:

    5. F.T.M.D.B.O.P
    6. perhaps we could destroy our weapons
    7. PALA
    8. fkkts abyssiml fkkts

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