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Fowl Swoop - 12"

Fowl Swoop

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Fowl Swoop 12"


FOWL SWOOP is the 3rd album from Wellington's MarineVille. Roaring out of the blocks with 6 minutes of psych-rock blast via 'The Birds in the Trees', FOWL SWOOP delivers a series of moody pop miniatures in the best tradition of post-punk and new wave.

Released as a 12” LP by Los Angeles label Last Visible Dog, each copy of Fowl Swoop comes in a screen-printed cover handmade by the band. Rather than Side 1 or Side 2, the band have stamped one side of the vinyl FOWL and the other side SWOOP. Says guitarist Mark Williams: We couldn't agree collectively over what should be Side 1, so we decided not to have a Side 1. My preference for Side 1 would be FOWL but Greg our drummer prefers SWOOP...

FOWL SWOOP is MarineVille's 3rd album and founding member Mark Williams describes it as the bands best release. “We really worked hard on this LP, crafting the background, the spaces between things, adding lots of subtle instrumental shading. Producing a record like assembling a jigsaw – why doesn't this fit Does it fit Etc.”

Fowl Swoop was recorded over a period of three years. Williams says the length of time was due in part to the bands DIY ethic; the cover was designed by keyboard player Jeremy Coubrough and screenprinted in the bands practice room in Wellington, the blank LP covers were imported from Chicago, the LP's pressed in Los Angeles and the plastic sleeves imported from Melbourne. The complete LP was assembled at home.

Williams also puts the long gestation of FOWL SWOOP down to the band members busy schedule playing with other acts. Drummer Greg Cairns recently toured New Zealand and Australia play drums for Will Oldham aka Bonnie Prince Billy. Guitarist Mark Williams released an album with Bad Statistics in Belgium, Keyboardist Jeremy Coubrough runs his own cassette label Rampant Runes and plays with Signer. Since the recording of Fowl Swoop the band has been joined on bass by Denise Roughan, who last year played reformation shows in the United States and Britain with the 3D's.

Where MarineVille's two previous releases Ready for the Dance (Oak Park Records, 2001) and Diving the Wreck (Involve Records, 2005) were distributed in New Zealand through a network of record stores, Fowl Swoop will be available locally via online distribution, directly from the band at gigs or 1 or 2 independent record shops. Says Williams; “We could try and distribute the record in New Zealand through shops, but apart from Slow Boat in Wellington, what's left

The band was recently scheduled to tour the South Island but the Christchurch earthquake destroyed the venue. Williams says this was not the first disaster to affect the bands plans. “In 2001 we toured the country just after 9/11. All the post offices were in the grip of white powder and Anthrax scares, so all our posters that were sent by courier got held up for days, sometimes not arriving til after the gig. We were basically unadvertised”.

Williams hopes the release of the LP in the United States leads to possibilities for future releases, and he says the group has already begun recording the follow-up to Fowl Swoop. “I've given myself 10 days to finish the vocals on 6 songs... there's no way our next record will take four years to make. Everything is very positive...”

Mark Williams - guitar, vox
Greg Cairns - drums
Jeremy Coubrough - keyboard, guitar
Denise Roughan - bass, vox


    1. The Birds in the Trees
    2. Frilly Fashion
    3. Time
    4. Get Along
    5. Going to a Wedding
    6. Here I Am
    7. Digging for China
    8. Angry Blues
    9. Burning the Man
    10. Feline

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