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Sugarlicks acts as a hothouse for creative musical minds, inspiring artists and recording them at the valve-sound sugarlicks studio, to create the assured and progressive new sound of Pacific Soul.

In 1999 Saama Productions celebrated Auckland city’s cultural diversity with a performance feast Universal Sol. From that vision of bass, soul and diversity ultimately grew the club Khuja Lounge.
And one day sitting around a table basking in khuja sunset fire Sugarlicks was conceived as a forum to showcase khuja’s melting pot of music, expression and culture.
Sugarlicks grew to become one of the most dynamic spectacles in New Zealand, showcasing spoken word, freeform hip hop, pacifikan drumming, songwriting & dance.
From the overwhelming response to the deep vibe of this night we decided to develop a label so the rest of the world could hear what we already know - that the music is unique and worldclass - Pacific Soul.
Sugarlicks will take this soul free flowing across the globe so the World can see what music sounds like when made in paradise.


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