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Fishrider Records

Fishrider Records is a tiny label based in Dunedin, New Zealand. It is a labour of love for Fishrider's earthly representative. Fishrider, like its inspiration, the original Mk1 Flying Nun Records, is dedicated to releasing occasional albums by local artists who play unfashionable melodic jangling pop songs with little commercial potential and don't care that Fishrider Records doesn't have a business plan.

Fishrider Records catalogue:
FISH007 Secret Holiday/ Victory Blues CD/ LP (2012)

FISH006 Opposite Sex by Opposite Sex CD/ LP (2011)

FISH005 The Puddle - Playboys in the Bush CD/ LP (2010)

FISH004 Robert Scott & Adalita Srsen/ The Puddle (split 7 inch single) (2010)

FISH003 The Puddle - The Shakespeare Monkey CD (2009)

FISH002 The Puddle - No Love - No Hate CD (2007)

FISH001 The Dark Beaks - Spill Your Heart CD (2006)


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