Weta to reform

Weta to reform

Monday 8th September, 2008 12:16PM

Wellington 4 piece Weta who quickly rose to fame in the late 90s, with a string of huge radio songs (Got The Ju for example),  will be reforming at the end of this year for two shows.

The Band will play:

  • Galatos Main Room, Auckland - Thu, 20 November 08 buy tickets
  • The San Francisco Bath House, Wellington - Fri, 21 November 08 buy tickets


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Posted by booga 8 years ago
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yus!!! i love weta! they should come to the south island tho!!
Posted by xraychel 8 years ago
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cool as, im liking all this reforming business.

it shows which bands really left a lasting impression.

They should come to hamilton too
Posted by herms 8 years ago
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i always thought it was Got The Jew...
Posted by smalley 8 years ago
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Ugh! Am so jealous, I wish they were coming to the South Island!!!
Posted by spchicksta 8 years ago
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Al's Bar (Christchurch), Sat, 22 November 08??

Is that not the south island... was last time i checked
Posted by brettimus 7 years ago
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They've probably been overseas or doing other stuff - I don't mind Weta but they have sort of an energetic-but-bland sound a little like Shihad.

Also, around the same time of the Weta CD Geographica I remember a band called Breath released two albums, the second one was a really good disc in some ways, I don't know why the band split up - they had a good singer and good production and everything. Maybe they hated each other - I don't know.
Posted by MOebius123 7 years ago

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