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Album Review: Florence and The Machine, Lungs

Album Review: Florence and The Machine, Lungs

Tuesday 4th August, 2009 12:00PM

It’s really weird when you discover an artist among the myriad of ‘up-and-comers’, and download a couple of demos and get really into them and then a little while later your friends return from London to explain: “that chick singer you were talking about ages ago is HUGE in the UK – her face is on the side of trains and shit”. And then you see that said artist is number two in the UK charts second only to Michael Jackson RIP and then you see that The Groove Guide has written a second article about her after you wrote one a couple of months back in Real Groove.

Yep, Florence Welch, AKA Florence and the Machine is a big deal people. And the production on Two Lungs leaves no two ways about this. Going from the demos and vinyl EP’s that I’d ordered over the past few months to this was quite disconcerting....continue reading this review HERE.

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