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Onanon NZ Tour

Onanon NZ Tour

Wednesday 2nd September, 2009 12:00PM

Dunedin indie rock band Onanon leave the confines of their hometown behind for a rare North Island jaunt starting this week. The popular four-piece band continue the southern city’s fine traditions of great song-writing and unhinged guitar mayhem, adding their own distinctive brand of twisted weirdness along the way. Onanonʼs songs are known for their barbed pop hooks, darkly humorous lyrics and their sheer ferocity when played live. They have become firm favourites with discerning Dunedin audiences in recent years and now it is time for the rest of the country to find out what they have been missing out on.

Wellington, Thursday Sept 3, Mighty Mighty with Ghostplane & Joe Blossom
Auckland, Friday Sept 4, Whammy Bar with The Shrugs & Guests
Hamilton, Saturday Sept 5, Ward Lane with The Shrugs & Guests
Dunedin, Friday Sept 11, Refuel With Operation Rolling Thunder

Presales available from UTR.

Onanon’s latest album Home Baking was the debut 12” release on new Dunedin vinyl-only record label Monkey Killer Records. The label is owned & operated by David Ager, the host of “The Local”, Dunedin BNet radio station Radio One’s NZ music show. Monkey Killer Records have also released a 7” from new Dunedin band Mountaineater (featuring ex HDU front man Tristan Dingemans) and are planning other limited edition vinyl releases from the vibrant contemporary Dunedin music scene.

Homebaking 12' and Mountain Eater 7" available now through the UTR Record store

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