Album Review: Wilberforces - Haunted

Album Review: Wilberforces - Haunted

Wednesday 9th September, 2009 12:00PM

I believe that every five years or so this country has a tendency to throw up cycles of really good bands and really bad ones too. The last cycle of brilliant little talented groups was an era of the onset of Die! Die! Die!, Malenky Robot, Yokel Ono, The Vacants and their ilk - a time that has for the most part died out except for a few exceptions.

Over the last year or so I've noticed another group of musicians emerging to pick up the mantle of good bands; to put on the boots with which to stomp on the bad bands. These include within the ebbs and flows of it all Surf City, Rifles, the Sharpie Crows, Dear Times Waste, the Damsels, Street Chant, Diamonds and Dirt, Street Beat, Vietnam War... the list goes on. But one band in particular has stood out - the Wilberforces.

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Video - Wilberforces, "My Mind Is In My Paws"

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