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Campus A Low Hum 2010

Campus A Low Hum 2010

Thursday 17th September, 2009 12:00PM

Details of Camp[us] A Low Hum 2010 have been released with a change of venue and title but the promise of the same great festival. 

Here's the goss:

Campus A Low Hum is now taking place at a historical agricultural college just outside of Bulls. Sitting unused since 1989, this incredible site features a Gymnasium, Library, Classrooms, Dorms and heaps more on a large landscaped property. The first term of Campus A Low Hum will begin soon. Will you enrol?

Everything that was special about the Camp A Low Hum philosophy has been retained: intimate performances, small crowds, multiple environments, renegade performances, no band announcements, multiple performances by bands, spontaneous party action Ė and taken it bak 2 skool and added a whole bunch of new concepts to make it a brand new experience.

Campus A Low Hum will feature just as many amazing live music performances as youíve come to expect (in 2009 over 100 acts played, including renegades). But Campus A Low Hum is not just about music, itís about bringing together a whole bunch of creative ideas and interactive experiences. Anything awesome that is happening anywhere could make its way onto Campus.

And donít worry, wagging and studying is encouraged at CALH, particularly with some sweet sand dunes and a beach only 5 minutes down the road. And you donít need mumís permission for the field trips.

Thereís even the possibility of hooking up one of the (very limited) dorm rooms at the Campus for those who donít want to tent it. Frat party.

TERM 1 Ė JAN 23/24/25

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