Download: Nevernudes First EP

Download: Nevernudes First EP

Monday 5th October, 2009 12:00PM

Finally, some take home recordings from awesome new Auckland band Nevernudes and even better, they're free. You can download yourself a copy of Nevernudes First EP here.

Also be sure to check out this interview we did with the band recently.

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A horribly overrated band. First Moron Says What and now this. Just because they're kids does not mean they are prodigies.
Posted by Ugh! - anonymous 7 years ago
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They don't sound anything like MSW?!?! mate. Stop being so ageist.
Posted by Uhhmmm... - anonymous 7 years ago
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I think they are so good.

And so are MSW?!?!
Posted by James - anonymous 7 years ago
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never really bothered checking these guys out before but it ain't half bad.

certainly a lot more tepid shit out there.

or am i just a sucker for discordant stuff?
Posted by PostinDirty 7 years ago
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well duh of course theyre not 'prodigies' but its still pretty rad, ease of the h8rade
Posted by jamesss - anonymous 7 years ago
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Nevernudes are the choice. Don't make me punch you anonymous.
Posted by thebrothersrifle 7 years ago

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