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Handle The Jandal 2009 Finalists Announced

Handle The Jandal 2009 Finalists Announced

Friday 9th October, 2009 12:00PM

Fifteen finalists have been chosen to compete in this years Handle The Jandal DIY music video awards. The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony held in Wellington on 29th October.

And the finalists are:

Joe Fish for James Duncan's "A Obvious"

Sophia Jenny & Emma Forster for Pie Warmer's "I Broke All The Rules"

Simon Ward for Thought Creature's "Your Telepathy"

Greg Pawsey for Cougar Cougar Cougar's "Satans Blues"

Lisa Dunn for Parallel Dance Ensemble's " Weight Watchers"

Christian Nicolson for The Sproutt's "Woman Man and Machine"

Jesse Taylor Smith for Grayson Gilmour's "Loose Change"

Mike Gray for El Schlong's "The Baddies Are Coming"

James Turnbull for Decortica's "Featherlight"

Preston McNeill for Isaac Aesili's "With You In My Bed"

Robert George for Tourettes' "Letting Go"

Kimberly Brown for Electric Wire Hustle's "Perception"

Alexis Copland & Juliet Bergh for Amanda Maclean's "Mouse"

Judah Finnigan and Ben Forman for Highlife's "Berserk"

Maz Hermon for Roy G and The Bivinators' "Welcome"

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