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Introducing MUZAI Records + Free Compilation

Introducing MUZAI Records + Free Compilation

Tuesday 27th October, 2009 12:00PM

MUZAI Records is a new Auckland based label with an old DIY ethic putting out music by some of NZs best but often under supported young bands. Just released today is the label's second compilation, Fuck These Bands Too, which features 9 songs from artists on or associated with MUZAI including:

Bandicoot with their bfm hit "Emotional and Dirty", cult favourites God Bows To Math and TFF, KittyHawk with their latest single co-produced and mixed by The Mint Chicks and F In Math’s Mike Logie, the haunting post-punk/darkwave pop of North Shore’s Nice Birds, former Bengal Light Maeve Munro’s new band Cat Venom, Sherpa with another euphoric power pop blast and the unforgettable BMX Rapists.

Undertheradar has been given the honour of distributing the new compilation to you for free, you can download it below but first here's a little bit of info about the label from one of it's founders Benjii Jackson:

How long has MUZAI been around?

MUZAI has been, if my memory serves me right, bantered around since January of this year. I would say March of this year, safely though - that's when we released our first two CD's.

How did the label come about?

Funnily enough, through drunken idealism. Martin was (and still is) in a band called God Bows To Math and I always wanted to do something pro-active, so one night after a gig I promoted we decided to do something that verged on old school punk record label ethos; setting up a platform for bands to release stuff through postal orders only. We got a bit more confident when there was a decent showing of bands we liked who wanted help, and so we thought "why not just start a small label?" After releasing two EP's from local bands, I knew there was no turning back - we had a discography, shock horror!

What was your first release?

That'd be God Bows To Math's "Depravity" - and presentation wise I think we've come along leaps and bounds since then. Sonically, it set the tone for the label pretty much.

What other releases have you put out?

We put out Sworn To The King's first and only EP before they broke up, Kittyhawk's "1985" single, Sherpa's "I'm Sparklers" EP and helped push Bandicoot's "Happy Talking" EP out there also.

From then, we've just had the complete fortune of dealing with bands we like and who've had complete faith in our abilities. It still confuses me how to this day, but I'm thankful for it.

What releases have you got planned?

A fair few suddenly - we've "Smile For Silver, Sing For Gold", which is the God Bows To Math/TFF split in November, Nice Birds' debut release in December alongside TFF releasing "Irregardless" and then in the new year Bandicoot, Cat Venom and another BMX Rapists release at present. But plans change though, so don't quote me exactly on next year until, well, we hit the new year.

Lastly, a question we regularly ask NZ bands we interview - the state of music in NZ is..?

I really don't know where to start. It's such a broad spectrum, New Zealand music, that it depends where you want to focus. Personally, I think the state of New Zealand music is actually on the verge of becoming exciting once again - you've got a fantastic crop of new bands coming out out the woodwork, a thriving all ages scene (admittedly, more venues should be more accommodating to those under the drinking age) and bands that know how hard it is starting out helping out those in a similar position. But I guess I'm looking at the glass half full - it's a nice view to have. There are some things that irk me, but through hardship and unfairness breeds some true creativity.

For more info on the label, it's bands and Fuck These Bands (the first compilation) + many more interesting downloads and musical treasures head over to Muzai Records.

Fuck These Bands Too - Track Listing:

1: TFF – Fucksurf
2: Bandicoot – Emotional and Dirty
3: God Bows To Math – Only Dead Fingers Speak In Braille
4: Cat Venom – Bats In The Belfry
5: Sherpa – Inside Feeling
6: KittyHawk – Realistik Komputers
7: Nice Birds – I Love You Forever
8: Catholic Guilt – Small Town Metaphysics
9: BMX Rapists – Dennis

Fuck These Bands Too - Muzai Records Click here to download

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