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STROKE - Songs For Chris Knox

STROKE - Songs For Chris Knox

Friday 6th November, 2009 12:00PM

Early this year kiwi icon Chris Knox suffered a shock stroke - being the much loved and respected character he is everyone wanted to do something to help which has culminated into a massive compilation of covers of his songs by local artists and some high profile international acts including: Jay Reatard, Mountain Goats, Lamb Chop and Yo La Tengo to name a few.

The album will be available from November 16th via Chris' label and there is going to be a release show at the Kings Arms Tavern in Auckland on November 20th. Door sales only will be $30 and you get a copy of the album. Playing will be Dimmer, Don McGlashan, David Kilgour, The Bellbirds and The Pyjama Party (featuring Neil Finn).  More info and tracklist below:

Press Release:

On June 11 this year musician, artist, father, writer, film critic & jandal wearer Chris Knox suffered a life-altering stroke at his home in Grey Lynn.

Everyone wanted to do something to help. So a bunch of his muso mates from NZ and around the world have gotten together to do what they do best to celebrate Chris’ music by recording versions of his songs.

The resulting album is a chance for Chris’ many fans and friends to contribute to his future.

The double CD ‘STROKE – Songs For Chris Knox’ is being released in New Zealand on Monday November 16.

The album will be released on Chris’ own label - A Major Label & distributed by Rhythm Method. The stunning cover was designed by Chris’ fellow Tall Dwarf, Alec Bathgate and uses Chris’ favourite colour combination of yellow & black.

Songs are covered from all of Chris’ musical career - The Enemy, Toy Love, Tall Dwarfs, solo, & his most recent band The Nothing.

The album features tracks by such artists as Jay Reatard, Shayne Carter, The Mountain Goats, The Verlaines, Boh Runga, David Kilgour, Don McGlashan, Will Oldham and many more – 32 tracks in all.

There is a party & benefit gig for Chris to celebrate the release of this album Friday November 20 at The Kings Arms.

The line-up is Dimmer (featuring Shayne Carter’s back catalogue), Don McGlashan, David Kilgour, The Bellbirds, & The Pyjama Party (featuring Neil Finn). Entry is $30 which includes a copy of the double CD ‘STROKE – Songs For Chris Knox’. Doors open at 8.30pm. No pre-sales.

All proceeds will go to assisting Chris with his recovery.

WHAT: STROKE - Songs For Chris Knox Record Release Party and Benefit Gig
WHEN: November 20, 8.30pm
WHERE: Kings Arms, Auckland
DOOR CHARGE: $30, including a copy of the double CD
WHO: Dimmer, Don McGlashan, David Kilgour, The Bellbirds and The Pyjama Party (featuring Neil Finn).

Full track listing:

‘Stroke - Songs For Chris Knox’ – Album Credits

YELLOW DISC (disc 1)
Track 1 – Pull Down The Shades (Bathgate, A./Knox, C./Dooley, M.) – Jay Reatard
Track 2 - Rebel (Bathgate/Dooley/Kean/Knox/Walker) - The Checks
Track 3 - Ain’t It Nice (Knox, C./Dooley/Bathgate/Walker/Kean) - The Bleeding Allstars
Track 4 – Don’t Catch Fire (Bathgate/Dooley/Dawson/Knox/) - Peter Gutteridge
Track 5 - Luck Or Loveliness (Knox, C./ Bathgate, A.) – The Chills
Track 6 - Nothing’s Going to Happen (Knox, C./ Bathgate, A.) - David Kilgour
Track 7 - All My Hollowness To You (Knox, C./ Bathgate A.) - The Crying Wolfs
Track 8 - Beauty (Knox, C./Bathgate, A.) – Stephin Merritt
Track 9 - Nostalgia’s No Excuse (Chris Knox) - Portastatic
Track 10 - Crush (Knox, C./ Bathgate, A.) The Mint Chicks
Track 11 - I’ve Left Memories Behind (Knox, C./ Bathgate, A.) - Jay & Sam Clarkson
Track 12 - Burning Blue (Knox, C./ Bathgate, A.) - Sky Green Leopards
Track 13 - The Slide (Knox, C./ Bathgate, A.) - Shayne Carter
Track 14 - Grand Mal (Chris Knox) – Pumice

Track 15 - Knoxed Out (Chris Knox) - Hamish Kilgour

BLACK DISC (disc 2)
Track 1 - Not Given Lightly’ (Chris Knox) – Boh Runga
Track 2 - Bodies (Knox, C./ Bathgate, A) - Red&Zeke featuring Bill Doss and Neil Cleary.
Track 3 - Lapse (Chris Knox) - Bill Callahan
Track 4 – Growth Spurt (Chris Knox) – Genghis Smith
Track 5 - Coloured (Chris Knox) - Yo La Tengo
Track 6 - Dunno Much about Life But I know How To Breathe (Chris Knox) - AC Newman
Track 7 - Glide (Chris Knox) - Alec Bathgate
Track 8 - Inside Story (Chris Knox) - Don McGlashan
Track 9 - The Outer Skin (Chris Knox) – Sean Donnelly
Track 10 - What Goes Up (Knox, C./Bathgate, A.) – Lambchop
Track 11- Brave (Chris Knox) – The Mountain Goats
Track 12 - Round These Walls (Knox, C./ Bathgate. A.) - The Tokey Tones (and friends)
Track 13 - Just Do It (Knox, C./ Bathgate. A.) - The Bats
Track 14 – My Only Friend (Chris Knox) - Will Oldham
Track 15 - It’s Love (Chris Knox) – The Finn Family
Track 16 - Becoming Something Other (Chris Knox) – Jordan Luck
Track 17- Driftwood (Chris Knox) – The Verlaines
Track 18 Song of the Tall Poppy (Chris Knox) - Lou Barlow

Track 19– Napping In Lapland (Knox C., Martyn R., Neville S., Mulholland J.) - The Nothing
Track 20 – Sunday Song (Knox, C./Bathgate, A.) – Tall Dwarfs

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