Big Day Out Drop Beenie Man

Big Day Out Drop Beenie Man

Tuesday 17th November, 2009 12:00PM

Big Day Out organisers have decided to drop Beenie Man from the 2010 line-up due to the artists history of expressing extreme homophobic views in his lyrics.

Here is the official statement from the Big Day Out:

The Producers of Big Day Out have decided not to proceed with the proposed engagement of Jamaican Reggae performer Beenie Man for the Jan 2010 show.

Although aware of the controversial nature of Beenie Man and his previous lyrics that have caused offence with the Gay and Lesbian and wider community, the Producers understood that the artist had renounced these sentiments and no longer expresses those views.

Notwithstanding claims of a commitment to the Reggae Compassionate Act which he signed in 2007 and a promise of adherence to peaceful and humanistic values for the dates here by Beenie Man, the depth of feeling and hurt amongst these groups has convinced us that for us to proceed with his Big Day Out appearances was, and would continue to be, divisive amongst our audience members and would mar the enjoyment of the event for many.

For this reason we have decided not to proceed.

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very good news
Posted by joseph - anonymous 7 years ago
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What about freedom of speech. So the man hates homos? A lot of Jamaican's do, so what. He doesn't perform the songs anymore
Posted by Kanye West - anonymous 7 years ago
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Read the controversy article on his Wiki page, people have completely misinterpreted his lyrics. Just don't watch his set if you're still that narrow minded, don't complain until he's not allowed to play anymore and spoil it for everyone else. Peace.
Posted by - anonymous 7 years ago
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It's his fault if his lyrics have been misinterpreted, because it's so obvious what people would think of them. He shouldn't have let the songs go to an overseas audience if he didn't want the controversy.
Posted by Bloopy 7 years ago

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