Black Lips Wellington Show Announced

Black Lips Wellington Show Announced

Monday 14th December, 2009 12:00PM

Black Lips are returning to NZ next year to play Laneway Festival in Auckland and it's just been announced that they'll add a Wellington show to the tour.

Tuesday 2nd of February – San Francisco Bath House – Wellington
With support from Street Chant

Tickets from here at UTR and Slow Boat Records from Wednesday 16th December.

Press Release:

Mystery Girl and Galesburg brings you four freakin’ flower punk garage renegades from Atlanta Georgia…it’s

Black Lips!

Tuesday 2nd of February – San Francisco Bath House – Wellington
Tickets from UTR and Slow Boat Records from Wednesday December 16th

What do you do when your sixteen and in deep shit? You're looking out at the world from the strip-mall and the detention hall, from the basement and the cul-de-sac and it just looks like there is a wall around you. Everybody tells you and your friends that you're going nowhere, that your lives are already ruined. What the fuck do you do?

It is this question, the question of belief, nay, the question of faith, that is the crux of the matter. It is this question that was asked of the Black Lips. And the Black Lips have answered it. They have answered it in their songs and in their actions. They have answered it for every shit-assed, burned-out brat that staggers out of the suburbs. They have answered it resoundingly and continue to answer it.

“Where is their answer?” you may ask. Do those psychedelic swamp guitar drones bear witness to a faith of some kind? Does the quasi-violent sexual comedy of their stage show underscore a deeply held belief system? Does their commingling of Deep South, big-tent revival rhetoric with hoary-throated, drug-haze mumble truly mean anything, to them or to anyone else?

You bet your ass it means something to them. How would they have persevered through all the drudgery and threats of doom if it didn’t mean a goddamn thing to them? Their adversaries have been formidable and numerous, and they have bested them all. Why, even in their earliest days, death itself reared its ugly head to attempt to halt their progress, and was dismissed directly. How, without faith, could the Black Lips have carried their message forth into the four corners of the earth?

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Mon 1st Feb
Britomart, Auckland
Tue 2nd Feb
The San Francisco Bath House, Wellington