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Live Review: Pixies at Vector Arena

Live Review: Pixies at Vector Arena

Monday 15th March, 2010 2:21PM

The Pixies are so influential there’s probably a special spot in music heaven for them. It’s almost impossible to imagine the musical careers of bands such as Nirvana, Radiohead or Weezer without them, and even David Bowie covered them. Commercially ignored in their relatively brief and volatile career (England excepted), the band reformed and have finally reaped the rewards their music has deserved by touring continuously. Yet for New Zealand fans, it’s been a long wait – despite the Pixies being hugely popular here, as we’ve been bypassed in previous tours. The Vector Arena (and the night before at the Powerstation) sold out almost immediately when their visit was finally announced, with thousands making the trip up north to Auckland, and scalpers and desperate fans going to extreme lengths to exchange second-hand money. And was it worth the wait? You betcha.

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There's some great live footage available on youtube for this show - these are the two with our favourite visuals from the night:


"Crackity Jones"(creepy babies!)

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