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Download: NZ Mixtape By Modular

Download: NZ Mixtape By Modular

Monday 22nd March, 2010 9:51AM

Awe how sweet, Australian label Modular have made a NZ mixtape paying tribute to our many musical talents and even a couple of our big screen successes. Check out the tracklist then skip over to Modular to get yourself a copy.

Russell Crowe - 2000 Oscar Acceptance Speech for Best Actor
Die! Die! Die! - "We Built Our Own Oppressors"
The Clean - "Tally Ho!"
The Shocking Pinks - "Second Hand Girl"
3Ds - "Animal"
The Mint Chicks - "Say Goodbye"
Cut Off Your Hands - "You And I"
The Bats - "Under The Branches"
Sam Neill - Dr. Alan Grant monologue from 'Jurassic Park'
The Coolies - "Holiday"
Surf City - "Zombies"
Tall Dwarfs - "Think Small"
Gestalt Switch - "Nothing Has Changed"
The Chills - "I Love My Leather Jacket"
Street Chant - "Scream Walk"
Popstrangers - "Kill The Voice"
Batrider - "Dirty"
Russell Crowe - "Are you not entertained?!"

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