Primus Return - Announce Tour And New Album

Primus Return - Announce Tour And New Album

Tuesday 4th May, 2010 8:51PM

Another 90s nostalgia band to dust off the songs and get back amongst it, Primus the quirky, wacky, punky and weird are returning to the stage and recording studio.

The bands dates in North America are in July and August and the forthcoming record will be their first since 1999ís Antipop, and is scheduled for release sometime in 2011. (insert Big Day Out rumor here!).

Mr Krinkle

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Dog will hunt!!
Posted by FuckShitUpYours**** 6 years ago
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Thanks. The headline of the story got my hopes up that the band were coming to NZ for a show.
Posted by Satan McBacon - anonymous 6 years ago
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Anyone know if Priums are comming to NZ in 2011? They're playing in Australia in March.
Posted by willu - anonymous 6 years ago

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