Metallica Sell Out Both NZ Dates In Minutes

Metallica Sell Out Both NZ Dates In Minutes

Thursday 13th May, 2010 11:05AM

As expected, both of Metallica's NZ shows at the Vector Arena have sold out and in record time with all tickets snapped up just over 20 minutes after going on sale this morning.

Metallica NZ Tour
Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th October - Vector Arena, Auckland.

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turns out that queueing outside for 10 hours means nothing to ticketmaster as buying tickets at the store just means you have to wait for a checkout person to compete for tickets instead of doing it yourself at home. im ever so angry
Posted by annoyed at ticketmaster - anonymous 6 years ago
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That's not true. If the reports are true of tickets being sold at Real Groovy at 9:20, that's about 20 minutes longer than online. I was sitting behind a 50mb fibre connection and couldn't manage to get any thanks to the crappy Ticketmaster website which failed on all of my submissions and repeatedly told me that the verification words (the blurry ones to prove you're not a robot) were wrong, when they were obviously correct, clear as day. I even took screenshots to prove it, little good that will do though.
Posted by - anonymous 6 years ago
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Real Groovy Auckland is the exception. It sounds like some physical stores only managed to get through around 10-20 sales due to the system freezing up so badly.
Posted by Bloopy 6 years ago
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theres a third show.
Posted by cr1zz 6 years ago
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Can only be skeptical about that third show, on the 15th? Any legit sources about that around?
Posted by Itsatrap - anonymous 6 years ago
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Why are you using a old photo with a band member that hasn't been in the band for years. Very unprofessional.
Posted by anonymous - anonymous 6 years ago
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ticketmaster are a bunch of money hungry fools. And i'd love to give the ones in charge a rather violent hiding.
Posted by evsege 6 years ago

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