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Album Review: Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday

Album Review: Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday

Wednesday 19th May, 2010 12:22PM

It’s interesting when a ‘scene’ is created by the media to represent a sound that according to said media arose from one geographical location. In reality the bands are sporadically placed, seldomly know each other bar a couple of artist pals and have only heard of their sonic kin by the media whom created the scene which doesn’t exist. It’s a total contradiction, and in no way equates the disparate bands creating relatively similar sounding music today to the types of geographically close-knit creative hubs they are citing (and seeing it’s NZ Music Month, did anyone say Dunedin?). It does however, make a reviewer’s job easy (and arguably suggests a reasoning for said media’s actions) – bands are very easily related, both amongst their contemporary counterparts and in historical context.

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