Album Review: Foals - Total Life Forever

Album Review: Foals - Total Life Forever

Tuesday 25th May, 2010 11:26AM

Itís clear from the opening moments of Total Life Forever, the brand new record from Foals, that this is certainly no rehash of 2008ís Antidotes. Whilst that record was mostly unnoticed in this country, it cemented them in the UK as indie darlings, the NME annoyingly (as usual) drawing comparisons to Battles (albeit a little less interesting) Bloc Party (albeit a little more interesting) and erm, ĎRadioheadíÖsurely for geographical reasons.

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Agree with Tom 110%. This is not mainstream. C'mon the Edge or ZM would not play this, it's pop music for sure but still maintains a slightly quirky leftfield quality. In saying that, i'd love to hear this on mainstream radio, oh yeah!
Posted by Jazzy Jeff - anonymous 6 years ago

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