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Altmusic Presents: Ruins Alone

Altmusic Presents: Ruins Alone

Wednesday 2nd June, 2010 11:37AM

After May's tour from Bill Orcutt, The Audio Foundation's 2010 Altmusic Program continues with Japan's Ruins Alone. This is the second of four international noise artists and experimental musicians who will be touring New Zealand and Ruins Alone's first time playing here.

Tickets are available from HERE at UTR and dates are below:

Altmusic Presents: Ruins Alone

Christchurch: 8pm Wednesday 9 June - w/ Peter Wright & Grunge Genocide Drum Pentagram @ Nibelheim (Below SOFA), Arts Centre. $10

Dunedin: 9pm Thursday 10 June - The Aesthetics @ Chicks Hotel. $10

Auckland: 9pm Friday 11 June - w/ White Saucer & Dan Beban @ Whammy Bar

Wellington: 9pm Saturday 12 June - w/ Cartoon & Hefner @ Medusa (ex Hole in the Wall). $10

Wellington: Sunday 13 June - Yoshida Tatsuya improvisations and collaborations @ Frederick Street Light and Sound Exploration Society. $10/$5.

Here is a video of Ruins Alone in action:

If you would like more information on Ruins Alone and the other artist touring as part of the Altmusic Program, click HERE.

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Wed 9th Jun
Nibelheim (SOFA Basement, Arts Centre), Christchurch
Thu 10th Jun
Chicks Hotel , Port Chalmers
Fri 11th Jun
Whammy Bar, Auckland
Sat 12th Jun
Medusa, Wellington
Sun 13th Jun
Frederick Street Light and Sound Exploration Society, Wellington