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Campus A Low Hum 2011

Campus A Low Hum 2011

Thursday 17th June, 2010 5:22PM

Usually there would be a brief but interesting introduction here that UTR has prepared, before we post the boring but informative press release underneath. We don't need to do that this time though, because Blink, the organiser of Camp A Low Hum, has done a better job than we ever could. So here you go:

11-13 Feb. Bulls

I couldn't bring myself to issue a press release filled with hyperbole and propaganda to convince everybody of the awesomeness of CALH.

Next year will be the fifth time I've hosted this party, surely ya'll know what to expect by now? If you haven't been before, you must have heard the stories, seen the photos and dodgy videos. That's what it's like; chalk dicks on blackboards and parties in empty swimming pools. It's Campus A Low Hum and it's time for Term 2.

Tickets go on sale July 1 at and as usual I'll slowly leak some of what's happening over the coming months. Of course, as per the tradition, there will be no official band announcement, however for the boring basics of what you need to know right now, click HERE.

You can join the Camp A Low Hum Facebook group HERE.

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