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Wednesday 30th June, 2010 10:13AM

Have you heard yourself a bit of FATANGRYMAN yet? No? Well best you get your hands on their new self-titled EP then. Released on Monday 28th June (meaning we're a bit behind), FATANGRYMAN has been put out through Muzai Records, home of The Postures, God Bows To Math and Cat Venom, and it is five slices of chaos recorded in the Muzai offices over a number of weekends.

In our Recent Interview with the band they described the album thus; "It's pink and black. They're the colours of Avril Lavigne. It has a muscly cat on it too. Dan recorded it. He's not from New Zealand. It has five songs inside it", which is pretty much spot on. Except that they didn't mention the chaos part.

You can pick up the EP from HERE at Muzai's online store.



Released on CD and digitally through MUZAI Records on June 28th

Is it like Teenage Jesus and The Jerks? Is it like The Raincoats? Is it riot grrrl, grunge or no wave? You can call it what you like and throw any buzz word at it and see if it sticks -- FATANGRYMAN's debut EP is a discordant, visceral mess... and for us that's a thing of beauty.

Recording in the MUZAI offices across a number of weekends, angering neighbours and those waiting for buses on the street alike with it's caustic riffs and heavy, chaotic drumming, /FATANGRYMAN /is a momentous occasion for the group -- it's their bat mitzvah, where the awkwardness of being the "new kids on the block" has been shed and instead Ary Jansen and Jessica Dew have matured.

It's hard not to think that were the case though -- upon the release of "Wrapped In Plastic", FATANGRYMAN's most recognizable to date, the darkly, shoegazery song took everyone by surprise with it's bleak vocals and utterly "glass half empty" melody. This was a band that were not akin to their peers and instead chartered influences from the riot grrl scene instead of the usual suspects.

It could have been an act that alienated them (if they cared less). Instead, it endeared them almost immediately to an older audience as much as it inspired people their own age to discover Lydia Lunch, The Slits or Queen Meanie Puss.

Nihilistically disjointed from start to finish (the hedonistic blast of opening track "Phyllis", the vocal barrages of "Fucked Up Babies" and the harrowing yelps of "Santa's Lap""), FATANGRYMAN's music may be polarizing at first, but it's abrasive, dirty loose charm quickly becomes it fundamental value -- if you "get it".

1) Phyllis
2) Dirty Bird Date Rape
3) Wrapped In Plastic
4) Fucked Up babies
5) Santa's Lap

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