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Arch Hill Recordings To Release Free Albums

Arch Hill Recordings To Release Free Albums

Thursday 8th July, 2010 4:09PM

Who doesn't like free stuff huh but that's not the reason Arch Hill Recordings is set to release a series of albums totally free, rather they have decided that there's a lot of great music out there produced by artists that have little or no interest in the music industry but just want to be heard.  Here, we'll let them explain it further:

"The Arch Hill Free Range are a series of FREE album releases. They are albums we think are good and deserve to be heard Ė but they are free!

At Arch Hill we have always believed that a lot of really good music is small scale and specialist. You wonít hear it on commercial radio, see it on the TV or on the charts. Sometimes it is even hard to find on the interweb.

But, that doesnít mean itís not good. Itís just that it doesnít have mass mainstream appeal or a big marketing plan behind it Ė thatís all.

We like these artists and want them to be heard. But these days it isnít viable to spend a whole bunch of money releasing the album on CD, marketing it and so on. So, rather than do nothing and see this good music disappear without getting heard as it should be, weíve launched the Arch Hill Free Range.

The Arch Hill Free Range is (approximately) one bi-monthly album 100% FREE, available from the Arch Hill Recordings website. (Please note - not everything we do or release will be free!...weíre not stopping you from buying other stuff!)"

So if you're interested in getting yourself on one of the compilations - head over to for information on making submissions.

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