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Real Groove Magazine and The Groove Guide To Merge

Real Groove Magazine and The Groove Guide To Merge

Friday 1st October, 2010 3:11PM

It has just been announced that Real Groove Magazine's October issue will be their last and it will merge with free weekly publication The Groove Guide.

Definitely sad to see the magazine go, it holds an important place in our local music scene but ultimately a smart move in the current climate and we look forward to checking out the new format Groove Guide which will be hitting the streets from mid-November.


Press Release:

Tangible Media merges Real Groove with The Groove Guide to expand nationwide street press.

Tangible Media is proud to announce the merger of Real Groove magazine with The Groove Guide to form an expanded national, entertainment weekly. The merger makes The Groove Guide the largest (and only nationwide) street periodical.

The newly merged publication, called The Groove Guide, will be larger in format and expanded editorially to cover all aspects of pop culture – from its heartland territory of gigs and live music, to recorded music, movies, DVDs, games, fashion and entertainment.

At the same time, the website will carry more blog entries, more gigs, more news, more video and a wider range of topics than any other Kiwi entertainment site.

Vincent Heeringa, publisher of The Groove Guide says the investment in the publication shows the power of street press to compete in a crowded market.

“In the age of downloads and always-on internet, it’s all about instant gratification: ‘What shall we listen to now? What shall we watch tonight? What shall I do this weekend?’

“The immediacy of street press means that the new Groove Guide is perfectly positioned to meet those needs in print, online and on mobile. Advertisers and readers are telling us they want to get much closer to that moment of decision.”

The relaunched The Groove Guide is due to hit the streets mid-November.

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