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Feature: Wolf Gang

Feature: Wolf Gang

Wednesday 6th October, 2010 4:15PM

Wolf Gang is a difficult beast to get a handle on. Information surrounding the artist seems hidden in the deep, dark, depths of indie blogs or the pages of international magazines inaccessible here bar It is fortunate then that said pseudonym, in the same meticulous way he approaches song-writing, gives a good interview.

“My real name's a bugger to remember or spell, I wanted to go with a name that sounded short and sweet, easy to remember and a little bit epic. My sister came up with it actually! If I had known there was so much other wildlife on the pseudonym scene then yeah, I might have reconsidered. But I didn't, so here I am.” Where he is, appears to be that position canonized by the ‘80’s and resurfacing with everyone from MGMT to Lady Gaga – avant-garde pop. Quirky, fashion-ey dress, a pseudonym and ‘tude to match. Wolf Gang explains however, these factors are only as good as ones output. “As a person I've always had an interest in dressing well and in a slightly eccentric fashion, and I suppose that has spilled into the work I do as a musician. But I don't think there's anything wrong with this, as long as people aren't relying solely on their look to distinguish themselves from others. The songs and the music are the main things for me and everything else comes after.”

Wolf Gang’s output started in the young, socially introverted way many a-creative does. “Since I was very young I was always upstairs in my bedroom beavering away on my four tracker recording various instruments and enjoying my own company. I guess I just haven't changed since then, it always gives me immense pleasure. I'm a very sociable guy but I treat the music making experience as pretty personal 'me' time.” Although he explains the Eno-esque tracks are mostly obscure in context, it’s the straight-up approach to track ‘Back to Black’ that has arguably produced the most impressive results. “With 'Back to Back', I totally changed it around and decided to state a powerful emotion very simply, and I think it resonates because of this. I suppose I was in a romantic mood when I wrote it. I then spent a day on Youtube just pulling loads of weird bits and pieces that I thought were interesting and pieced it together on a friend's laptop.”

Wolf Gang will be releasing a Dave Friedman (MGMT, The Flaming Lips) recorded-album this year, and all things remaining even, expect immaculate cover art that compliments, not hides, what lies beneath.

By Courtney Sanders

Wolf Gang NZ Tour

Wednesday Oct 6th at SFBH, Wellington
Thursday Oct 7th at Bacco Room, Auckland

Tickets on sale from HERE at UTR, Real Groovy, Fast and Loose (AK) and on the door (but presales are cheaper!)

Here is Wolf Gang's video for "Back To Back":

And here is a live stripped back version of latest single "Lions In Cages":


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