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Album Review: Eels - Tomorrow Morning

Album Review: Eels - Tomorrow Morning

Friday 15th October, 2010 9:38AM

Tomorrow Morning represents both the end of a rapid fire trilogy of Eelís albums but also a breath of creative fresh air and a newfound outlook on life. Incomparable frontman (and only real member) E has emerged from his Ďdark night of the soulí (as represented by his previous 2 albums Hombre Lobo and End Times) to see the light of day on the other side. This album represents this with a distant lingering melancholy as well as joyous celebration, confusingly often at the same time. Everywhere syrupy strings and grand orchestrations drip with heartfelt sentimentality and in lesser hands this could come off as insincere or empty-headedly naive. It speaks volumes of Eís talent to make us genuinely believe in everything he says, whether it is a stark lament for lost love or the kaleidoscope eyed observations on The Man.

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"Baby Loves Me"

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