C4 Music Channel To Become Four

C4 Music Channel To Become Four

Thursday 21st October, 2010 10:39AM

Yep it looks like another music channel will bite the dust.  Yesterday TV3 announced that it's music channel C4 would be re-launched in 2011 as Four, a mainstream entertainment channel much like TV2.   It's not really that surprising, C4 has been moving in this direction for awhile now and there is still hope that they will keep their music only freeview channel C42 going. Word on this is expected within the week.

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C4 started off well but completely disintegrated into the waste you see today. Might as well go the whole hog, eh?
Posted by Jayden C - anonymous 6 years ago
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I think its a dog that needs to be put down anyway...they let Bieber on
Posted by CRL - anonymous 6 years ago
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Yeah its time has come, pretty likely that some equally crappy tv will replace it
Posted by - anonymous 6 years ago
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Sounds good to me - but I think this will probably mean C42 will end up not playing the crap music that's on C4 right now...
Posted by Brian - anonymous 6 years ago
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agreed. Used to love their genre shows like intellectual property, the electro one and special features. Now their entire programming schedule consists of farts!
Posted by simon - anonymous 6 years ago
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Bring back Alt TV, NZ needs a culture show.
Posted by penisface - anonymous 6 years ago
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Hopefully C42 will remain as is. And hopefully there will still be a timeslot for Watch this Space - while you can watch videos on the internet these days I have still found Watch this Space a good way to hear about bands you might not otherwise come across.
Posted by suec 6 years ago
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I hate MTV, and now C4 is just a gay version of it, showing "reality" shows. I liked it the way it was........playing music.
Posted by - anonymous 5 years ago
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I'm annoyed with the outcome of this. C4 was originally a music based channel with great show's such as Intellectual Property, Free Style, The Sound Lab etc. When those shows were cancelled and C4 began airing more MTV reality series/shows and general entertainment programming the channel lost it's flow.

Where have all the music videos gone?? Artist/band bios, interviews, concerts.

As for the drew and what ever that girls name is show...Ummm it's a tad budget and that girl is a horrible presenter. I just don't connect. MediaWorks NZ you've got some serious work to do.
Posted by OrangePeel - anonymous 5 years ago

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