Album Review: The Dead C - Patience

Album Review: The Dead C - Patience

Wednesday 27th October, 2010 10:28AM

The Dead C's legacy stretches behind them like a South Island highway with numerous records, cassettes, ear-shattering and mind-blowing live shows over the course of twenty years. The back story: they blazed a trial of punk-rock-meets-high-minded-avantgarde-noise long before terms like “shitgaze” were bandied about on blogs, back when “lo-fi” referred to production values as opposed to being a genre. The 'C were criminally underrated for the most part in NZ throughout the 80's and 90's - except by the more clued-up members of NZ's music scene - yet were praised overseas for bold and unique albums like Eusa Kills and Harsh 70's Reality.

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