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Album Review: Maximum Balloon - Maximum Balloon

Album Review: Maximum Balloon - Maximum Balloon

Thursday 28th October, 2010 10:43AM

TV on the Radio: Brooklyn-based musical geniuses led by Kyp Malone and backed by Dave Sitek’s production skills. Maximum Balloon: L.A based musical genius Dave Sitek enlists musical pals, including Kyp Malone, to accompany his writing and production effort. You would be forgiven for assuming this was simply TV on the Radio sans band, occasionally featuring band. Even during the first listen the beats scream Dear Science-era Sitek, and a bevy of the minds he’s enlisted for vocal duties are representative of TVOTR pals and collaborators of yore. But a couple of differences firmly set the two apart. TVOTR: politically motivated. Maximum Balloon: fun motivated. TVOTR: Brooklyn-based. Maximum Balloon: LA Based.

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