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Album Review: Dudley Benson - Forest

Album Review: Dudley Benson - Forest

Thursday 25th November, 2010 9:52AM

It would have been an immense challenge for Dudley Benson to follow-up his truly wonderful debut album The Awakening. That album was so personal and idiosyncratic, that it would have meant any follow-up would have struggled to escape the parameters heíd set for himself. However, not to fear, Bensonís follow-up, is a revelation: an album which retains Bensonís trademark humour and playfulness, with a deadly serious and earnest concept. And itís completely different to the Awakening, which suggests a model for artists willing to circumvent the dreaded second album syndrome. Itís also one of the most unique albums to come out of this country well, since the Awakening Ė and itís further proof of the fact that Bensonís fans have known for a long-time: this guy is brilliant.

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