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Listen To A New Track From Phelps And Munro

Listen To A New Track From Phelps And Munro

Tuesday 14th December, 2010 11:33AM

The ever elusive Phelps and Munro aka Gerald Phillips has emerged from years of silence with a new track for the Roundtrip Mars 10th Anniversary digital compilation - Inavderism. Not only is is great to hear something new from one of our favourite artists, but even better - he hasn't lost anything.

Here's the new track titled "Nothing To See Here":

Nothing To See Here - Phelps & Munro by Round Trip Mars

More good news for Phelps and Munro fans (old and new), if like us you lost your copy of his debut album Slow Poke before getting it into your itunes or maybe didn't manage to get your hands on a copy - it's now available to purchase via - remember this track? So good!

Click HERE to check out an old article on Phillips from NZ Musician.

There are also heaps new tracks from the Invaderism compilation up on the Roundtrip Mars site - including a new one from James Duncan.


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