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Home Brew Announce Summer Tour

Home Brew Announce Summer Tour

Monday 20th December, 2010 11:25AM

Home Brew are starting 2011 they way they mean to continue, with a Summer assault on their North Island fans. The Beaches and Hose Tour features Nothing To Nobody, Team Dynamite and DJ Substance and will be out and about from 4th to 15th January at a town near you.

Tue 4th, Soho - Gisborne
Wed 5th, Imbibe - The Mount
Fri 7th, The Pub - Russel
Sat 8th, Butter Bank - Whangarei
Sun 9th, Snappa Rock- Tutukaka
Wed 12th, The Yacht Club - Raglan
Sat 15th, The Kingslander - Auckland

Tickets on sale now from HERE at Undertheradar.


The Beaches & Hose Summer Tour w/ Homebrew Crew, Nothing To Nobody, Team Dynamite & DJ Substance.

From the 4th – 15th of January 2011, Homebrew Crew will take to the North Island roads, fully equipped with a huge transformer of a bus and good friends Nothing To Nobody, Team Dynamite & DJ Substance to play a classically distilled, tour.

The Beaches & Hose Tour might instantly give you the idea of bitches and hoes, but you’d be wrong.

Everyday of the tour they are playing a show at the local beach on the back of the Jagermeister tour bus, and they have literal hoses to pump the party on their 20 meter plus waterslide for everyone’s enjoyment.

This is a time for Homebrew, Nothing To Nobody & Team Dynamite to give back to the people, really get in touch with the kiwis who do the hard yards over the year in order reap the rewards of sipping on a well aged Home Brew over the holiday season. They are putting on their trunks and saving kids from sunburn, refreshing parched mouths and delivering their sweet sweet sound of a Kiwi summer.

The tour is gonna smang it girl!

January 4th Gisborne // Soho
5th - The Mount // Imbibe
7th - Russel // The Pub
8th - Whangarei // Butter Bank
9th - Tutukaka // Snappa Rock
12th - Raglan // The Yacht Club
15th - Auckland // The Kingslander

Home Brew Crew Home Brew is a smooth, refreshing ale that will make u feel golden and moist inside just like you did before big kids pants. It's full flavor is best accompanied by fresh herb lightly toasted between 2 red hot knives and most appreciated by substance abusers, social rejects and the homeless. It is not safe to be consumed by those who confuse Chris Brown with James Brown and Hip-Hop with what Nana went into hospital for. Doing so may result in regular use of the word 'chur' in everyday conversation. Home Brew is dishwasher safe and contains twice the amount of Vitamin C as oranges. (The makers of Home Brew insist that excessive consumption will not cause the 'Russell Crowe Effect' or result in unwanted pregnancy) HBC. Check out // and download all their E.Ps for free from

Nothing To Nobody Your new favourite hip-hop duo. Hailing from the windy city, Lui T moved to the bigtime A.C to try make it as a superstar rapper. After he realised that rapping with out beats is just poetry, he literally stumbled across beat junkie, Saxby. The combo quickly progressed living the dream life of musicians, recording, drinking and sleeping in a dark room with with little time for anything else. These guys are going to smoke the party bus tour a new one. Check out //

Team Dynamite Team Dynamite's music will make you dance at a funeral. It'll turn John Kirwan into Jason Gun. It's the kind of thing that should come in pill form with a little picture of a dove stamped into it. It's music that sounds like it was made for summer. It makes board shorts actually look cool. It makes salt water taste good and played twice a day, it'll make your plants grow up to 3 times faster. It’s the kind of music that makes you wanna hug the bus driver because he opened the door for you. It's feel good music.

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