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Listen To The New Album From Braids - Native Speaker

Listen To The New Album From Braids - Native Speaker

Wednesday 12th January, 2011 10:14AM

Braids moved from their high school town of Calgary, Alberta to Montreal and swiftly proceeded to write and record debut album Native Speaker.

From the press release:

Oscillating between density and spaciousness, BRAIDS' sound is not easy to define. The four members construct music which is ample and rolling, perhaps alluding to the landscapes of their youth, but filled with radical texture and startling immediacy, an influence of their more recent surroundings. Delicate layering gives their experimental pop epics just enough breath to playfully explore the depth of ambient melody. Though BRAIDS dives into moments of deep obscurity and sonic experimentation, there remains embedded within the music the hypnosis of an unforgettable pop tune.

They are streaming the album in its entirety before the release date of January 18th. Check it out over HERE


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