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Live Review: Laneway Festival 2011

Live Review: Laneway Festival 2011

Tuesday 1st February, 2011 4:04PM

We knew Laneway Festival was going to be great, we really had no doubt but even we have come away totally in awe of just how amazing the day was. It was so relaxed and easy, it felt like we were cheating some how, aren't these things supposed to be a bit stressful and taxing? Hats off to the organisers, you could tell they worked really hard to remedy the teething problems that arose last year, with the new venue proving to be a big part of the solution. Despite a soft spot for Britomart and it’s surrounding architecture and train friendly location, Aotea Square proved to be the perfect venue for the festival, it provided large grassy areas to set up camp in and enjoy the bands and it’s paved paths made for perfect routes through markets and food stalls which were plentiful this year. The mood and atmosphere of the festival was great, thanks in part we think to the special liquor license granted to the festival, the first to have the privilege in Auckland, which allowed people to drink anywhere. We hope it was successful as it would be so good to be rid of those horrid drinking pens which lead to more troublesome drunks and an aggressive atmosphere.

And then there were the bands, so so many great bands who all performed amazingly, not one disappointment among them making writing a review incredibly hard, but we've managed to single out a few acts that particularly grabbed us.  We can't wait for next year!

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WELLINGTON, it's not too late - you have plenty of time to get yourself along to the Town Hall and witness some of the amazing acts that performed yesterday for yourself - click HERE for the timetable and head along to the Town Hall for tickets - doorsales will be available. Do IT!!


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