Radiohead To Release New Album This Weekend - King Of Limbs

Radiohead To Release New Album This Weekend - King Of Limbs

Tuesday 15th February, 2011 8:12AM

While the extravagantly packaged collectors edition won't be available until May, Radiohead's latest studio album, The King of Limbs, will be available as a digital download to those who pre-order it this weekend. The band are returning to the 'pay what you like' formula they invented for the release of In Rainbows.

Radiohead seem to have the new platform of the industry pretty down: create a universal listening experience for the digital release by making it available, for free, legally, on a particular time and day, and follow that up with an exquisitely realized physical copy for those die-hard fans of the tactile music medium.

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Oh hey,

Just thought I might correct a few mistakes here. It's NOT a 'pay what you like' formula like they did with In Rainbows and is also NOT free, it's a set price of 6 Pounds (about $12) for mp3 and a bit more for .WAV

Check it out here

Sorry to be all wanky.
Posted by advdsn 5 years ago
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Haha, hardly wanky. It's a fairly important point to get right.
Posted by person157 5 years ago

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