The Melvins + High On Fire Tour Update

The Melvins + High On Fire Tour Update

Tuesday, 22nd February 2011 4:52PM

Here is an official press release sent through by the promoter regarding The Melvins and High on Fire Tour as at 4pm Tuesday 22nd February:

As everyone is now acutely aware, the city of Christchurch was struck by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake today which has claimed several lives already and completely incapacitated the city's infrastructure.

The Melvins and High On Fire tour party were one minute into checking in for our flight to Wellington when the earthquake struck. The airport was immediately evacuated. We have become subsequently stranded at the Air New Zealand office complex, completely unable to get out of the airport or secure accommodation. We have tried desperately to secure transport to the Wellington show, but regrettably all our options have been exhausted and we are now confronting the reality that we will be spending the night at the airport in Christchurch.

We are currently making plans to move the scheduled Wellington show at Bodega to tomorrow night, Wednesday February 23rd. Additionally, we are looking at having Kylesa play a headliner show at Whammy Bar in Auckland on the same night, and for the scheduled Melvins/High On Fire/Kylesa Whammy Bar show to be moved to Thursday February 24th. Unfortunately, until we know more about our travel plans, we are unable to confirm that these scenarios will become a reality. However, the attitude in the tour camp is very much one of "the show must go on" and we are doing our damndest to make a revised tour schedule work.

We ask that all ticket holders bare with us at this time while we can solidify our plans and work towards the aforementioned backup option. Regrettably we have no further information at this time regarding this and we would like to dearly thank all ticket-holders in advance for their patience and understanding.

We are very shaken, but are all healthy and not injured. Needless to say this has been a very stressful time but we are trying to keep our spirits up. The three shows on the tour so far have been amazing and the Melvins and High On Fire guys are fortunately an amazingly understanding and friendly bunch of guys who have been an absolute joy to work with.

Our thoughts go out to all the people of Christchurch who have already been through such agony recently and are now going through much worse. To those who have lost loved ones in particular, our deepest sympathies.

We hope to update the situation soon and again thank you for your patience.

Please feel free to distribute this press release to any and all interested parties. Please also be aware that our communication options right now are limited and to be patient in light of this.

UPDATE: Click HERE to read the final update about these shows.

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There is a link at the end of the post above to the latest press release.
Posted by undertheradar 3 years ago

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It's lunchtime. update?
Posted by welshyc 3 years ago

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Update from Whammy's twitter:
KYLESA with The House of Capricorn, Arc of Ascent and Shallow Grave Whammy Bar, Auckland Doors 8pm on Wednesday, All tickets for both the pre-existing Wednesday and Thursday Whammy Bar shows will be valid for this show. Door sales $30

and HIGH ON FIRE + MELVINS + KYLESA with Beastwars Whammy Bar, Auckland Doors 8pm Thursday.
Tickets for the pre-existing Wednesday Whammy bar show only will be valid for this show. Door sales $80

Liberty - Seems like Kylesa are fine, perhaps were not in Christchurch at the time of the quake.
Posted by streetchant 3 years ago

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So is it the melvins whammy show definitely moved to thursday? would be good to know soon for those who have to travel from out of auckland
Posted by Andrew - anonymous 3 years ago

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We'll have another update for you by lunchtime.
Posted by undertheradar 3 years ago

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Gareth and the High On Fire/melvins dudes are at Picton heading to Wellington for the Bodega show. KYLESA will hopefully be playing in Auckland at Whammy! Bar tonight.
Posted by Ben - anonymous 3 years ago

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Yeah I hope they can still play Wellington tonight. Airports back up and running...
Posted by - anonymous 3 years ago

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Hey let us know if these seasoned rockers got off the ground from that current hell hole.
Posted by king_mushroom 3 years ago

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Glad you guys are all good! Love the 'Show must go on' attitude. Thats what we need boys. You were un-freakin-real at the KA by the way. Looking forward to the rejigged Whammy Bar show.
Posted by fatoomsh - anonymous 3 years ago

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Glad you guys are safe and well.
Posted by julee - anonymous 3 years ago

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Thoughts are with you guys, and with everyone in Christchurch. With minimal communication options, you might be best setting up a twitter account as best point of contact for fans, friends and family. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.
Posted by Gerry L - anonymous 3 years ago

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I'm looking for news of Kylesa -- their whereabouts and well-being? I'm the sister of one of the drummers. Thank you!
Posted by Liberty - anonymous 3 years ago

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I heard that 300 tickets were sold for the Melvins/HOF show at whammy? How could 300 people fit in there?
Posted by godgrinder 3 years ago

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Sucks hard, I've been looking forward to this for months. But thanks guys for not canceling entirely. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

Posted by welshyc 3 years ago

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Totally understandable guys, glad everyone in the camp is well, hopefully see you when things calm down. And to the comment by sheridan, seriously dude i can't believe that's your main concern right now-you are a complete f**kwit.
Posted by Ross - anonymous 3 years ago

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no... please don't reschedule your Auckland show to the same night as Gang of Four :(
Posted by sheridan - anonymous 3 years ago

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