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The Melvins Caught In Another Quake

The Melvins Caught In Another Quake

Tuesday 15th March, 2011 1:00PM

The Melvins have felt the full wrath of the "Pacific Ring of Fire" having been caught in their second major earthquake in less than a month while on tour.

After the trauma of being caught in the Christchurch quake on Feb 22nd, the band admirably completed their NZ tour before heading to Australia and then to Tokyo just in time for the quake and devastating Tsunami that hit Japan last Friday.

Here's the latest from the band, posted earlier today on their facebook page....

"We are all safe at home now, but heartbroken over the events that are still unfolding in Japan! Our sympathy to our friends and fans there. Once this nightmare is over, we will come back and play Tokyo!"

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