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Review: Cut Copy - Zonoscope

Review: Cut Copy - Zonoscope

Thursday 17th March, 2011 3:50PM

Cut Copy have always had a place in my heart. They first caught my attention back in 2004 with with their debut album 'Bright Like Neon Love'. Tracks like 'Future' and 'Going Nowhere' really stood up against the onslaught of electro offerings being thrown up at that time by the likes of Digitalism, Soulwax, Lcd Soundsystem etc. For many Cut Copy conveyed a different, more positive outlook than their contemporaries while still sounding fresh and exciting. Their uplifting acid house infused pedigree was manifested in their follow up 'In Ghost Colours' which debuted at the top of Australia's ARIA charts in 2008. The boys had refined their sound and their influences, indeed this sounded like a much more mature record while still maintaining their own unique angle.And now the group has released its third studio album, Zonoscope and I must admit that I have been pleasantly surprised.

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